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One Professional Cold Caller, with a 7 line dialer in ReadyMode can make on average 1500+ calls per day per cold caller, depending on the answer rate. That comes out to about 8,000 calls per month.

Yes, all calls are recorded. REI’s Quality Control Manager will listen to all recordings, transcribe the information into your CRM and uploaded all recordings.

Your VA will be hired, trained, and managed by REI. You will speak directly to your client success manager who will provide you with a daily performance report. The account manager will send the report using WhatsApp. If at any point you are not satisfied with your current VA, they will be replaced immediately. At REI CC if our VA’s do not provide leads more than 3 days in a row, they will be replaced.

Yes, you must have an ability to pull a target list from PropStream, Batchleads or from any platform that you would like to use. We recommend using PropStream to pull your list. Once your list is pulled, you must skip trace the list. We recommend $0.10 cents per valid phone number. 

Yes, you will pay $1,000 one time. If in the future you would like to upgrade to the next level package, you will not be charged. At any time if you need to cancel your membership consider putting your membership on pause. If you cancel the membership once, you return you will pay the set-up fee again.

Our VA’s will call your list 3 to 4 times during a two-week period with a list of 5,000 contacts. We will exclude duplicate phone numbers. Each day our VA’s will call over 1,500+ calls a day using our dialer. Our goal is to connect with as many clients as we can each day. You will be billed each month based on the plan you have selected and no charged based on the number of connections made. 

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