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Professionally Trained and Managed cold callers for your real estate business

REI provides you with professionally trained callers who will go through your list of leads to find motivated sellers.

Why Choose REI?

Stop worrying, we’ve got your back! Our team of Professional Callers are trained to get you quality leads in no time!

Daily Cold Calls
Leads Brought to Clients
Deals Closed From Leads
Active Clients


Our Team – More than just cold calling

We don’t just cold call! We will help you pull a list from Propstream, close deals, and so much more. We’re here to help you!



At the end of the day, you will receive a report with all the Hot and Warm leads generated for that day. You will also have access to your own live sales dashboard showing the progress of your list & leads generated throughout the month.


Quality – Highest Trained VA’s

Our VA’s are the highest quality and professionally trained!


“So you have two VA Managers that help manage your account, and then you have your VA, and then there’s Anton as well. So you have all these people… read more

~ Matthew Tarantino

“We usually get at least a couple of leads every day. You know, some days it’s more, some days it’s less. Of course, some days you get zero, but then … read more

~ Dean Valentini

“Don’t raise the prices on me, but I think you guys undercharge for what you offer. I don’t think it’s just a cold call service. To me, it’s more of like… read more

~ Mindy Templeton

“The biggest thing that changed when I started working with REI Call Center was the constant leads that I was getting pretty much on a daily basis. And that just… read more

~ Rubén Jiménez

“I don’t have to sit on the phone for hours now. I just have to follow up with the leads that are actually interested, so it saves me a lot of time.”

~ Katherine Marquez

“REI provides a lot of value outside of just the VA Cold Caller. You guys really care about providing results to people.”

~ Nick DeMarco

“I just want to thank everybody because going into this I knew that it was gonna be top-of-the-notch service and all of that but I did not expect it to be… read more

~ Brenna Crowe

“If you look at where you’re spending your time, you’ll find that dollar per dollar it’s cheaper to spend the money on a VA than it is to be spending all…. read more

~ Dev Kelly


Start generating quality leads today by leveraging the power of your very own Professional Cold Caller to make up to 16,000 cold calls per month to help you close more deals and take your business to the next level.

Note: Active members will not be charged the initial setup fee to upgrade or downgrade between membership levels. 

Swipe to check plans»BenefitBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Professionally trained and managed Cold Caller dialing up to 16k calls per month.Professional Cold Caller
Ensuring that you are always kept up to date with everything regarding your lead flow from your cold caller and maximizing your efficiency on the number of calls and leads generated on the weekly basis.Client Success Manager
Quality Control Manager
Dialer with 20 phone numbers rotated every two weeksDialer with rotating numbers
20+ Wholesale Training & Files
Lead Call Recordings
Slack Channel Community
Pull your first list
Weekly office hours
Wholesaling Microtribe
Acquisitions LEAD
Acquisitions Manager
Data Manager
Weekly list health updates
List pull and skiptracing [9K records]
Data Management and Scrubbing
Two Professional Cold Callers


We do all the legwork by putting together the tools you need to systemize your wholesaling and real estate investing business & take your deal flow to the next level!



Targeted List Generator

Find potential deals by utilizing the most powerful real estate database on the market.
PropStream puts the power of data & investor tools you need to pull targeted lists together for your Professional Caller to start generating leads from day one!


Xen Dialer

Prospecting Platform

Simple yet powerful dialer that includes numerous workflows for different sales call tasks, such as nurturing warm leads, while allowing your Professional Caller to auto-dial up to one-hundred calls per hour.



Management System

Manage the wholesale lead process by organizing and tracking your deals inputted by your Quality Manager on the daily basis. After your leads are in the system, all you would have to do is follow up and take your deals to the finish line.


Fully Trained and Managed Professional Cold Caller

Your Professional Cold Caller will be fully trained and ready to go from day one to use the tools provided to make up to eight-hundred cold calls per day to off-market property owners. A proven cold calling script will be used on every call to make sure you get the consistency of communication with each and every property owner.

Training Videos

A comprehensive video course will be provided to get you up and running using the tools necessary to help you and your Team find and manage off-market deals.

Propstream – XenDialer – Asana

File Vault

You will have access to checklists and cheat sheets that will help you jumpstart your journey to real estate investing so that you can start creating passive income faster. 

Here are some of the files we include:

Skip Tracing Checklist • Lead Input Form – Checklists  • Purchase Contracts • Assignment Contracts • Cold Call Scripts

WEEKLY Q&A Calls and Training

To help you succeed in the business of wholesaling and real estate investing, monthly check-in and Q&A calls with other wholesalers in the community to talk about best practices, share deal wins and much more!

Private SLACK Channel w/Other Wholesalers

You will not be alone in this journey. You will join the community of fellow real estate investors & wholesalers so that you can continue to take action on best practices, and share wins and lessons learned. 

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