How It Works

REI simplifies your outbound lead gen by doing all the heavy-lifitng so you can focus your time on closing deals instead of finding them. 

Here’s the breakdown…


Give Us Your List

We also help guide you on how to pull and skiptrace a more accurate list (using Propstream + skipbetter) for our cold callers to run with.



We Prospect + Nurture
Your List

Utlilizing the power of Ready Mode, our team gets to work on your list, cold-calling, nurturing warm leads, and vetting highly motivated sellers from your list (up to 100 calls per hour).


We Deliver + Organize
Qualified Leads Daily

Qualified leads are organized and inputted by your QM on a daily basis into Asana, ripe and ready for you to take that deal over the finish line.

The Benefits

It’s hard to quantify all this value!


High Quality Leads

The better your leads, the higher your close rate. REI Call Center delivers high-quality leads, ensuring investors have access to valuable opportunities that align with their investment criteria.


Professional Cold-Callers

Our pro cold callers at REI Call Center excel in their ability to engage prospects effectively, increasing the chances of generating successful leads.


Time Savings

By outsourcing lead generation to REI Call Center, investors save valuable time and can focus their efforts on other critical aspects of their business, such as deal analysis and closing transactions.


Streamlined Lead Intake

Our comprehensive solutions for lead intake enables investors like you to efficiently manage and follow up with leads who have already been vetted.


Access to Resources and Training

Investors who work with REI Call Center gain access to a wealth of resources, training videos, and industry insights, empowering them with valuable knowledge and tools to enhance their investing strategies.


Community and Networking

Join a family of thriving, like-minded investors which provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, creating a supportive environment for growth and learning.

We’re not trying to blow smoke here either…

Check out what our customers have to say about the value that they’ve received working with REI.

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