Supercaharge your Solar Pipeline with Better Leads.

With the demand for sustainable energy on the rise, having a solid lead generation strategy is a non-negotiable for your solar business. There is plenty of opportunity in this market, but the real challenge when running a growing business is finding quality leads without spending HOURS and HOURS of your precious time finding them. 

REI’s skilled cold callers are primed to leverage your lead database, prospect, nurture, identify motivated solar leads, and consistently deliver high-quality prospects to you.

Let us uncover quality solar leads for your business – your role is simply to seal the deals.


Monthly Calls For Your Business


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How Our Process Works


Targeted Lists

Crafting precise lists and employing skip tracing techniques are pivotal steps in the lead generation process. We guide you in crafting accurate and targeted lists, allowing our cold calling experts to hit the ground running.



Prospecting + Nurturing

Harnessing the power of Ready Mode, our team engages with your list. We make cold calls, nurture warm leads, and identify highly motivated solar prospects from your list, making up to 100 calls per hour.


Lead Delivery

Qualified leads are meticulously organized and promptly entered into Asana by your dedicated Quality Manager on a daily basis. These leads are poised and ready for you convert.

The Benefits

It’s hard to quantify all this value!


Top-Quality Solar Leads

The better your leads, the higher your close rate. REI Call Center delivers high-quality leads, ensuring solar companies have access to valuable opportunities that align with their business growth goals.


Expert Cold-Callers

Our pro cold callers at REI Call Center excel in their ability to engage prospects effectively, increasing the chances of generating leads that have a higher chance of closure.


Time Savings

By outsourcing lead generation to REI Call Center, solar companies conserve precious time, enabling them to channel efforts into vital business aspects like project analysis and finalizing transactions.


Streamlined Lead Intake

Our comprehensive solutions for lead intake enables solar business owners like you to efficiently manage and follow up with leads who have already been vetted. No more time-wasting!


Scalability and Flexibility

REI Call Center provides scalable solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of solar businesses, ensuring seamless lead generation expansion and adaptability to market shifts.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Every call we make brings you closer to your next solar venture. The math is simple: more opportunities equal more deals, translating to increased revenue. Our mission is to be your most valuable asset in discovering new solar opportunities.

Grow Your Solar Business Efficiently.

On average, we save solar businesses 80+ hours per month in finding their own solar leads.

Book a strategy session with us today and experience firsthand how effortlessly you can regain time, access more leads, and unlock greater opportunities for your solar installation business.

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