The 3 lessons from REWBCON 2022

  1. “A lot of people want to have a successful YEAR. In order to have that you need successful MONTHS. In order to have that you need to have productive WEEKS. In order to have that… you need to win each DAY!” Diego Corzo (@realdiegocorzo)
  2. “I met A LOT of investors who are making tons of money on flipping LAND DEALS which seems to be very lucrative. It is much simpler than flipping a property and the margins are at times much greater. Don’t be shy of looking at land deals and marketing them out to local and national builders who will pay a lot of money for a good location.” Anton Zherelyev (@antonzrei)
  3. “In order to grow, we have to be stepping into the right rooms, surrounding ourselves with likeminded people, asking the right questions. That’s the reason why events like these can catapult us – you never know where you’ll meet your next business partner.” Felipe Mejía (@felipemejiarei)
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