The 3 takeaways from CashGeeks Wholesale Power Weekend (brought to you by REI Call Center clients!)

Keila Giuliano: “My biggest takeaway from this past weekend is the importance of managing your time and having the right systems & processes in place. I think concentrating on the parts of the process that are going to make you the most money is key. So for me, it’s delegating where I can and really focusing in on closing the sellers and getting contracts signed.”

Billy Lacy: “One key takeaway from the CashGeeks  Wholesale Power weekend was the importance of having systems in place.  Meaning it’s easy to go out and get a contract once or twice a month for a rookie and a beginner. But in order to be successful, and scale, you needs systems in place before you can even think of having a monthly income at six figures. Dom and Gonzalo also drove home the point, cold calling is a time consuming but completely necessary element of Wholesaling. As a beginner, I need to be ready to grind and “pay my dues”. Overall, that one $1500 event is going to make me so much more than that.”

Katherine Langevin: “One key takeaway I got is that wholesaling doesn’t have to be a full-time job and your earning potential is unlimited with the right team and partners.”
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